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Maui, Hawaii


Divine Potential

Divine Potential

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Divine Potential.

This is my 13th Album in my 13 Albums in 13 Months Series. I started this project in July of 2022 and just decided to keep releasing albums for 13 months. It was a project that was just amazing and a hands on learning experience for me. From programming, writing, singing to mixing & mastering. This project shows the vast techniques  I used while producing this project.  Making music for me is a great tool to get my message out and to the people. That message is.. Love & Peace will prevail over the dark energies of this 3rd dimensional plane of existence. 

My Bio

"Tony Boone" is a Southern California native now residing in Palmdale/Los Angeles, Ca., Also known as the Antelope Valley or the AV. Tony has worn a variety of hats over the years. From Liberian to Lifeguard to a professional U.S. Army Retired Solder. After retiring from the military, it's been family, self love & music 24/7. Tony also embarked on what seems to be a never ending story. In do so, Tony created and produced 13 albums of original music in the past 15 months "July 2022 - July 2023..13 Albums - 98 Songs". gigging with other local bands, The P Union & The Smooth Connection Band just to name a few.

Another band was formed "The Tony Boone Project". We are a Southern California  based band, with 6 experienced professionals members.  As a result, we've performed together at various venues, to include CBS Studios, Locke High School Annual Jazz Fest & the famous Jazz Spot. Roscoe's Jazz Lounge in Long Beach, Ca. We play our own material as well as smooth jazz, r & b, and funk music. We play some classics such as "What's going on", "What You Won't Do For Love, Mr Magic along with so many other great classics. 

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